National Lighthouse Museumis located at Pohang city, the eastern extremity of korean peninsula, being famous for the sunrise which opens the first morning of new year firstly in the country.

Welcome to the website of
National Lighthouse Museum

Lighthouse is the light of the eternal life and hope
for those who live at sea.
At Homigot(location of Lighthouse Museum) harmonised
with blue sea, wave lapping gently, seagulls flying high and
white lighthouse, I hope you will experience and enjoy the
history of lighthouse, marine culture and unique relaxation
which you cannot have in the city.

To provide every visitor continually high quality of service and
sufficent information and, to play the role as an experience space
for marine culture keeping in tune with visitors' desire,
we will try our best to improve and update this website and hope
you will give us a good opinion much .

I wish you will continue to cherish National Lighthouse Museum.

Thank you vey much.